Emergency Plumbing

Since we were talking about plumbing already in our last article, let us share with you our own experience in emergency plumbing not in our boats but in our office that was provided immediate action by one of the popular emergency plumbing services in Glasgow. If you are in need of an Emergency Plumber, we can be providing you with some relevant information here. Continue reading “Emergency Plumbing”

Boat Plumbing Replacement

Part of boat maintenance is replacing the boat plumbing system and this is very different from the usual plumbing set up. A lot of things should be considered including materials that are needed such as interiors, movements and power supply. There are four steps that we will share with you to give you a basic idea especially if your boat is older that 20 years old already.

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How to care for boats

Boats do need tender loving care too. It is also the same as caring for a car, some are very basic and some required maintenance for regular intervals. In Shipre, we aim and we guarantee proper maintenance of our boats to ensure every boat is working at its best capacity and is safe. In this article, we will share with you our existing checklist and maintenance procedures that we normally follow to achieve this.

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Our Types of Boat

Falling in love with boats is the same thing as falling in love with cars, as they say! But boats are more technical and they have different types too based on functionality and use. They can be simple up to the luxurious types! Usually, they belong to three categories only: unpowered, motorboats and sailboats. Let us enumerate a few boats that we are also using here in Shipre to give you an idea.

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