Emergency Plumbing

Since we were talking about plumbing already in our last article, let us share with you our own experience in emergency plumbing not in our boats but in our office that was provided immediate action by one of the popular emergency plumbing services in Glasgow. If you are in need of an Emergency Plumber, we can be providing you with some relevant information here.

Our office recently had to deal with plumbing problems and we needed a newer and fresher water system supply. We heard many good reviews about this 24/7 Emergency Plumbing in Glasgow so one of our staff called them. They immediately responded and scheduled the service. The number one problem is leak and burst pipe. They explained that leaks may cause molds, mildew growth and other respiratory problems. We were very concerned since one of our top priorities is the health and welfare of our employees. Unlike in boats, the main cause of bursting pipes in the office is freezing temperatures. When running water freezes, it expands and results in extra pressure in pipes. Other factors include soil settlement, the actual foundation and tree roots. In our case, it was all of the above.

The Emergency Plumbing Team gave us a few precautions to avoid this in the future. First is insulation, pipes can be wrapped and it is a perfect protection especially in extreme seasons. It also helps prolong the life of the pipes. Second is regular inspection, which should be consulted to professionals like them. This should already be included in the office maintenance budget. Third is the replacement or repair which was what happened to us. If the pipes are at a lost cause already, there is need for immediate replacement. These are just three simple things but creates a huge impact in the over-all state of the office.

Our pipes have now been replaced and our water system has improved! Thanks to the Glasgow Team! We are very happy with their service like all their existing customers. They have a bunch of other services that they offer like emergency drain excavation, drain repairs, blocked drain, boiler repair and they also have in-house Gas Engineers. Their office is located at 76 Thornwood Drive. Aside from commercial service, like what they did for us, they also have residential service. They are experts on the job! They have 24/7 support. Their plumbers are insured and they have people working for the longest time already in the industry so we can assure that they can be easily trusted.

Boat plumbing and Emergency plumbing are two different things. Since we do boat plumbing, we thought that our own staff can do it but we were wrong. It requires a different expertise and we’re happy to have known and worked with the people from Glasgow Emergency Plumbing. We’re actually thinking about doing a program in partnership with these guys since boat, residential and commercial plumbing needs are very important things. Watch out for it! We’re still in the early stages of planning but rest assured it will definitely provide you with value and ease in your daily lives!


Boat Plumbing Replacement

Part of boat maintenance is replacing the boat plumbing system and this is very different from the usual plumbing set up. A lot of things should be considered including materials that are needed such as interiors, movements and power supply. There are four steps that we will share with you to give you a basic idea especially if your boat is older that 20 years old already.

The first step is to plan everything accordingly first to avoid repetitions and to maintain minimal costs and achieve the main goal of having a fresh water supply system. The expert usually draws the existing set up to understand how it is and to correct it or place a better one; this is where he will know where to run the plumbing lines and how many and which size to use. It also allows good thinking especially when it comes to ordering the tools and supplies. And the last important thing is that the lines and connections, including the hot and cold tabs are carefully decided.

The experts need to gain access by opening the panels to move around and do the work and that is removing the old system first including the battery. All the lines should also be disconnected. One issue that may arise here is the leaking which results when there is check valve between the hot and cold water. It is important to check the supplies here also and it is better to assign colors for it, cold for blue and red pecks for hot, connectors (Apollo brand is a good brand) which include the plugs, Ts, 90 degree elbows and the Ts and other valves needed, crimping device to ensure a leak-free connection, drillers and many more.

The third part covers running the PEX lines and good placement with the boat. It is very important to crimp the PEX crimp on style connectors properly and then connect the system together and install fixtures. And the last step is putting the filters in line with the cold water lines on the boat to filter all of the water in the boat. Ideally, there should be 2 canisters on the whole boat system.

When you have your own boat and you are passionate about it, it wouldn’t be that hard learning how to replace your boat plumbing system on your own. There are a lot of tutorials in YouTube that you can check and a lot of blog posts about it. There are also several shops selling boat plumbing materials online so you would not have a hard time looking for the tools. But of course, it does not hurt to consult with an expert as long as you have the budget.

We at Shipre also offer boat plumbing replacement at a minimal cost. It is our goal to offer an over-all service to our customers and supports that is why we recently added this to our list of services. We offer the complete package already including tools and equipment, all you have to do is just go to the office for checking and monitoring. If you are interested and you need a quotation, just feel free to contact our customer service and our agents will assist you with everything you need!

How to care for boats

Boats do need tender loving care too. It is also the same as caring for a car, some are very basic and some required maintenance for regular intervals. In Shipre, we aim and we guarantee proper maintenance of our boats to ensure every boat is working at its best capacity and is safe. In this article, we will share with you our existing checklist and maintenance procedures that we normally follow to achieve this.

The boat maintenance checklist include the following:

  1. Engine
  2. The boat’s bottom and topsides
  3. Electrical systems
  4. Plumbing and HVAC systems
  5. Moving parts (like hinges, tracks, and zippers)
  6. Canvass and upholstery

The actual key to boat maintenance is keeping everything clean and engine oils are changed regularly. Some cleaning can be done personally like applying wax to make it looking new every time and the others should be taken cared of by professionals. In Shipre, our boat staff is also trained in proper boat care but if you have a boat of your own, here are some tips to keeping it clean.

  • Always make sure to clean the fiber glass and the gel coats to keep it shiny. Use waxes and polishes to protect it from the sun. Some of the top brands are MEGUIAR’S M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax, 3M Scotchgard Marine Liquid Wax and Collinite 925 Fiberglass Boat Wax.
  • Use the correct materials for cleaning the canvas and other glasses (Eisenglass or Strataglass). Use a light brush and mild soap to remove dirt.
  • Do not forget the upholstery and vinyls. These should also be regularly cleaned by simple washing. Avoid using bleach.
  • Clean the wood surfaces as well.

If you’re going to do the cleaning by yourself, costs will be at a minimum. You just need to pick the good brands for brushes, waxes, cleaners, rags and make sure that the prices are reasonable. Other serious aspects of boat maintenance include change oils, lubricating fittings, paintings, boat trailer maintenance which you need assistance from a professional. For maintenance costs like this, it really varies depending on the service that you will avail and the size and type of boat that you have. Usually the cost for maintenance is 10% of the actual boat cost but it is usually worth it since you get to keep your boat for a long time.

The last important aspect of caring for boats is making sure that your boat is insured. It’s also the same process as insuring your car or your house. Factors to consider are: age, length, value, speed, condition, type and ownership. To make it simple, there are just two types of insurance for boats: the agree value and the actual cash value. What we recommend though is the agreed value policy, it may costs more at first but there is no depreciation for a total loss of the boat.

We also have cleaning services that we offer here in Shipre, since we are also the experts in boats. We do engine oil change and paintings as well. The cleaning materials that we using are of the highest quality so you’re sure that your boat will look really good as new! We also have trainings that we conduct on boat maintenance. For a free quotation and explanation of what services you will be needing, please direct your concerns on our contacts page.

Our Types of Boat

Falling in love with boats is the same thing as falling in love with cars, as they say! But boats are more technical and they have different types too based on functionality and use. They can be simple up to the luxurious types! Usually, they belong to three categories only: unpowered, motorboats and sailboats. Let us enumerate a few boats that we are also using here in Shipre to give you an idea.

First on our list is the Dingy. Dingies are small boats used for fishing and sailing, it can be in lakes or sea shores or even as a rescue boat. Size is around 12-15 in length and can be made of rubber or wood. Our clients who mostly enjoy this type of boat are couples or partners who just want a quiet time alone. It can be really romantic!

Our next favorite boats are the Sail boats. Sail boats are one of the oldest type of boats and we really admire our mighty sailors from then. Sail boats are perfect for sailing of course, we have sail boats for rent that you can train with. We also offer sailing classes for this. Another nice thing to do with sail boats is to watch the sunrise or the sunset. It can be really liberating!

Up next is the Bowrider boat, this is the type of boat you see in action movies with a beach scene. This looks really cool! Bowrider boat is actually good for family use where you can use to enjoy fishing together or just have a nice day-cruising! Some really use these boats for water sports like skiing or wakeboarding.

Our fourth pick is the inflatable boat. This one again is good to use in one of your family weekends by the lake or shore! It can easily be stored in the car. It just needs pressurized air to be fully set up.  Popular activities that you can do with it are river rafting or solo fishing! The activities can really be enjoyable and the boat is safe to use and very convenient!

We also have the Houseboats good for big families and week-long water adventures. It can be an actual home in the middle of the waters. These boats are 35 to 75 feet long, have slower engines but still the perfect boat to use for a family vacation in the water.

And the last one, one of the favorites and the most luxurious type is the yacht. Yacht actually means a boat for cruising which originated from the Dutch word “jacht”. If you have a yacht, you are already considered rich because only the rich people can afford it. This is popularly used for luxurious parties and it can only be done by celebrities, politicians and businessmen. It’s really cool and expensive!

In Shipre, we all have the type of boats mentioned above and these are among the most active rentals. These are the most useful boats when it comes to special events, gatherings or a simple vacation with family or friends. All of our boats are maintained and cleaned properly and we have enough especially during holidays and weekends. To know more about our boat selections, kindly contact us through our website. Please feel free to answer the contacts form page.