Boats do need tender loving care too. It is also the same as caring for a car, some are very basic and some required maintenance for regular intervals. In Shipre, we aim and we guarantee proper maintenance of our boats to ensure every boat is working at its best capacity and is safe. In this article, we will share with you our existing checklist and maintenance procedures that we normally follow to achieve this.

The boat maintenance checklist include the following:

  1. Engine
  2. The boat’s bottom and topsides
  3. Electrical systems
  4. Plumbing and HVAC systems
  5. Moving parts (like hinges, tracks, and zippers)
  6. Canvass and upholstery

The actual key to boat maintenance is keeping everything clean and engine oils are changed regularly. Some cleaning can be done personally like applying wax to make it looking new every time and the others should be taken cared of by professionals. In Shipre, our boat staff is also trained in proper boat care but if you have a boat of your own, here are some tips to keeping it clean.

  • Always make sure to clean the fiber glass and the gel coats to keep it shiny. Use waxes and polishes to protect it from the sun. Some of the top brands are MEGUIAR’S M6332 Flagship Premium Marine Wax, 3M Scotchgard Marine Liquid Wax and Collinite 925 Fiberglass Boat Wax.
  • Use the correct materials for cleaning the canvas and other glasses (Eisenglass or Strataglass). Use a light brush and mild soap to remove dirt.
  • Do not forget the upholstery and vinyls. These should also be regularly cleaned by simple washing. Avoid using bleach.
  • Clean the wood surfaces as well.

If you’re going to do the cleaning by yourself, costs will be at a minimum. You just need to pick the good brands for brushes, waxes, cleaners, rags and make sure that the prices are reasonable. Other serious aspects of boat maintenance include change oils, lubricating fittings, paintings, boat trailer maintenance which you need assistance from a professional. For maintenance costs like this, it really varies depending on the service that you will avail and the size and type of boat that you have. Usually the cost for maintenance is 10% of the actual boat cost but it is usually worth it since you get to keep your boat for a long time.

The last important aspect of caring for boats is making sure that your boat is insured. It’s also the same process as insuring your car or your house. Factors to consider are: age, length, value, speed, condition, type and ownership. To make it simple, there are just two types of insurance for boats: the agree value and the actual cash value. What we recommend though is the agreed value policy, it may costs more at first but there is no depreciation for a total loss of the boat.

We also have cleaning services that we offer here in Shipre, since we are also the experts in boats. We do engine oil change and paintings as well. The cleaning materials that we using are of the highest quality so you’re sure that your boat will look really good as new! We also have trainings that we conduct on boat maintenance. For a free quotation and explanation of what services you will be needing, please direct your concerns on our contacts page.

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