Part of boat maintenance is replacing the boat plumbing system and this is very different from the usual plumbing set up. A lot of things should be considered including materials that are needed such as interiors, movements and power supply. There are four steps that we will share with you to give you a basic idea especially if your boat is older that 20 years old already.

The first step is to plan everything accordingly first to avoid repetitions and to maintain minimal costs and achieve the main goal of having a fresh water supply system. The expert usually draws the existing set up to understand how it is and to correct it or place a better one; this is where he will know where to run the plumbing lines and how many and which size to use. It also allows good thinking especially when it comes to ordering the tools and supplies. And the last important thing is that the lines and connections, including the hot and cold tabs are carefully decided.

The experts need to gain access by opening the panels to move around and do the work and that is removing the old system first including the battery. All the lines should also be disconnected. One issue that may arise here is the leaking which results when there is check valve between the hot and cold water. It is important to check the supplies here also and it is better to assign colors for it, cold for blue and red pecks for hot, connectors (Apollo brand is a good brand) which include the plugs, Ts, 90 degree elbows and the Ts and other valves needed, crimping device to ensure a leak-free connection, drillers and many more.

The third part covers running the PEX lines and good placement with the boat. It is very important to crimp the PEX crimp on style connectors properly and then connect the system together and install fixtures. And the last step is putting the filters in line with the cold water lines on the boat to filter all of the water in the boat. Ideally, there should be 2 canisters on the whole boat system.

When you have your own boat and you are passionate about it, it wouldn’t be that hard learning how to replace your boat plumbing system on your own. There are a lot of tutorials in YouTube that you can check and a lot of blog posts about it. There are also several shops selling boat plumbing materials online so you would not have a hard time looking for the tools. But of course, it does not hurt to consult with an expert as long as you have the budget.

We at Shipre also offer boat plumbing replacement at a minimal cost. It is our goal to offer an over-all service to our customers and supports that is why we recently added this to our list of services. We offer the complete package already including tools and equipment, all you have to do is just go to the office for checking and monitoring. If you are interested and you need a quotation, just feel free to contact our customer service and our agents will assist you with everything you need!

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