Since we were talking about plumbing already in our last article, let us share with you our own experience in emergency plumbing not in our boats but in our office that was provided immediate action by one of the popular emergency plumbing services in Glasgow. If you are in need of an Emergency Plumber, we can be providing you with some relevant information here.

Our office recently had to deal with plumbing problems and we needed a newer and fresher water system supply. We heard many good reviews about this 24/7 Emergency Plumbing in Glasgow so one of our staff called them. They immediately responded and scheduled the service. The number one problem is leak and burst pipe. They explained that leaks may cause molds, mildew growth and other respiratory problems. We were very concerned since one of our top priorities is the health and welfare of our employees. Unlike in boats, the main cause of bursting pipes in the office is freezing temperatures. When running water freezes, it expands and results in extra pressure in pipes. Other factors include soil settlement, the actual foundation and tree roots. In our case, it was all of the above.

The Emergency Plumbing Team gave us a few precautions to avoid this in the future. First is insulation, pipes can be wrapped and it is a perfect protection especially in extreme seasons. It also helps prolong the life of the pipes. Second is regular inspection, which should be consulted to professionals like them. This should already be included in the office maintenance budget. Third is the replacement or repair which was what happened to us. If the pipes are at a lost cause already, there is need for immediate replacement. These are just three simple things but creates a huge impact in the over-all state of the office.

Our pipes have now been replaced and our water system has improved! Thanks to the Glasgow Team! We are very happy with their service like all their existing customers. They have a bunch of other services that they offer like emergency drain excavation, drain repairs, blocked drain, boiler repair and they also have in-house Gas Engineers. Their office is located at 76 Thornwood Drive. Aside from commercial service, like what they did for us, they also have residential service. They are experts on the job! They have 24/7 support. Their plumbers are insured and they have people working for the longest time already in the industry so we can assure that they can be easily trusted.

Boat plumbing and Emergency plumbing are two different things. Since we do boat plumbing, we thought that our own staff can do it but we were wrong. It requires a different expertise and we’re happy to have known and worked with the people from Glasgow Emergency Plumbing. We’re actually thinking about doing a program in partnership with these guys since boat, residential and commercial plumbing needs are very important things. Watch out for it! We’re still in the early stages of planning but rest assured it will definitely provide you with value and ease in your daily lives!


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