Our Types of Boat

Falling in love with boats is the same thing as falling in love with cars, as they say! But boats are more technical and they have different types too based on functionality and use. They can be simple up to the luxurious types! Usually, they belong to three categories only: unpowered, motorboats and sailboats. Let us enumerate a few boats that we are also using here in Shipre to give you an idea.

First on our list is the Dingy. Dingies are small boats used for fishing and sailing, it can be in lakes or sea shores or even as a rescue boat. Size is around 12-15 in length and can be made of rubber or wood. Our clients who mostly enjoy this type of boat are couples or partners who just want a quiet time alone. It can be really romantic!

Our next favorite boats are the Sail boats. Sail boats are one of the oldest type of boats and we really admire our mighty sailors from then. Sail boats are perfect for sailing of course, we have sail boats for rent that you can train with. We also offer sailing classes for this. Another nice thing to do with sail boats is to watch the sunrise or the sunset. It can be really liberating!

Up next is the Bowrider boat, this is the type of boat you see in action movies with a beach scene. This looks really cool! Bowrider boat is actually good for family use where you can use to enjoy fishing together or just have a nice day-cruising! Some really use these boats for water sports like skiing or wakeboarding.

Our fourth pick is the inflatable boat. This one again is good to use in one of your family weekends by the lake or shore! It can easily be stored in the car. It just needs pressurized air to be fully set up.  Popular activities that you can do with it are river rafting or solo fishing! The activities can really be enjoyable and the boat is safe to use and very convenient!

We also have the Houseboats good for big families and week-long water adventures. It can be an actual home in the middle of the waters. These boats are 35 to 75 feet long, have slower engines but still the perfect boat to use for a family vacation in the water.

And the last one, one of the favorites and the most luxurious type is the yacht. Yacht actually means a boat for cruising which originated from the Dutch word “jacht”. If you have a yacht, you are already considered rich because only the rich people can afford it. This is popularly used for luxurious parties and it can only be done by celebrities, politicians and businessmen. It’s really cool and expensive!

In Shipre, we all have the type of boats mentioned above and these are among the most active rentals. These are the most useful boats when it comes to special events, gatherings or a simple vacation with family or friends. All of our boats are maintained and cleaned properly and we have enough especially during holidays and weekends. To know more about our boat selections, kindly contact us through our website. Please feel free to answer the contacts form page.

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